A Letter from Nichole

Ezra & I

Ezra & I

It seems as though everyone has a blog these days. This is exactly why I was sure I would never have one- because I’m just weird like that.  However, after some convincing by several persistent family members and dear friends…. Here it is.

I can’t promise you anything grand.  This will simply serve as a place to share my insights, triumphs, failures, prayers, and thoughts as I journey down this road of having a child with Autism. I do not profess to be an expert on Autism. In fact, I am quite the rookie and certainly do not have all of the answers.

What I do have is an amazing husband and I am the mother of two absolutely beautiful blessings. I have a daily relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without whom I could not make it through each day. It is in Him that I place my trust, give my heart, and entrust my children to.

It is my hope and prayer that this blog will serve as a source of encouragement to other families that are affected by Autism. It is also my hope to offer insight and understanding to those who are willing to see beyond what is considered “normal” and to give just a glimpse into the heart of our family.

We are just a few years into this journey and already the Lord has taught us so many things through the life of our precious son. Having a child with Autism is not always easy but as we are discovering, there are many blessings to be had. Each day we are gaining a new perspective on life, relationships, and love. I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to learn how to Love in a Different Language.




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