Our Special Treasure

More than talking, more than playing with toys appropriately, more than being able to walk independently, more than self-feeding, more than all of these things…the very most important thing I have prayed for is that my sweet Ezra would know Jesus. I do pray and trust that the Lord will reveal himself to Ezra, even if it is in his own special way. This is my greatest desire.

I love to find little opportunities to tell Ezra about the awesome things that the Lord has done and is doing in my life. Even if it is as simple as saying “Didn’t God give us such a beautiful day today, Ezra?”, I want to share those things with him. I constantly look to find ways to connect with our little man and for ways to share with him about Jesus.

 One of the ways that we have learned to connect with Ezra is through music. He loves to hear music, singing, instruments, and can show off some pretty fantastic dance moves as well. If you were to ride in our car or visit our home, you will most likely hear some sort of praise music in the background. Ezra loves music. His favorite tunes have changed over time. At first he preferred instrumental music and as time has gone on, he now prefers Veggie Tales, Baby Praise, and Nursery Rhyme Songs.

Over the last month or so, Ezra has shown a special interest in the song “Oh, How I Love Jesus”. Every time this song comes on, a huge smile comes across his face as he sways his head from side to side. This week, we had a very special gift. It was one of those “breakthroughs” that, as special needs parents, leaves you in awe and complete amazement. I would like to share our gift with you.

But, before you watch this video I would like to leave you with this: no matter who you are, if you know a special needs child, please do not ever assume that they do not hear you, see you, understand you, or notice you. You NEVER KNOW what they do/do not understand or how much is getting through. Don’t give up! Because every once in a while, they amaze you with special treasures such as this….